Moderation not Deprivation: It's all about the French Macaron and its vibrant color and gluten free ingredients that make it the perfect cookie. Note we are not referring to the word macaroon, the chewy mound of shredded coconut, lightly sweetened and held together by egg whites.
The French Macaron is a dainty French cream-filled cookie which will fill your soul with warm and fuzzy happiness. The Macaron's origin isn't clear, but it may have been brought to France from Italy as early as 1533 by Catherine di Medici and her pastry chefs. The flavors below are growing everyday so please call or look at our menu for different flavors and colors

red single macaron 2

Strawberry Macaron

Margarita Macaron

Cookies & Cream Macaron

Vanilla Blueberry Macaron

Coffee and Creamer Macaron

Daiquiri Macaron

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream Macaron

Chocolate Hazelnut Macaron

Creamy Banana Macaron

Raspberry Daiquiri Macaron

Raspberry & Dip Macaron

Peppermint Macaron

Red Velvet Macaron

Lavender and Orange Ganache Macaron

Lavender Vanilla Macaron