It all started a few years ago when my family and husband saw the passion and commitment I put into baking freshly homemade cookies. Therefore he decided that it would be a great idea to open Paulann Delights in honor of our parents who thought me the love of baking. I’ve always been excited by the possibilities of baking and using my creativity in the very essence of growth as an individual. I see cookies as a medium for translating my ideas and passions into something to make others happy. My line of cookies is aimed at making all my customers feel blissful. It is my devotion to set the stage of success and mainly bake the best cookies ever by separating my business from other businesses by being simply chewy. It is my deepest pleasure on being progressive by adding to my original line of cookies. The end result is to produce the most insatiable and delicious cookies for an affordable price. The enjoyment of putting my passion into baking by capturing seasonal concepts is so exciting and I hope you enjoy the taste.

The Baker